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Well Guys, I've just found this cool site recently, all you have to do is just register for free then send your article unlimitedly. Each approved article you'll earn $10 - $15. But this site has strict rule due to your article must original with your own words in english and at least 5 pages of microsoft word format (you can use another, that's just example). The business factor on it is they sell our approved articles and then share money with us, logical right?. Absorbingly we can send our articles unlimitedly per day. For instance like if you send 5 articles per days with each contains 6-10 pages, your article will be reviewed manually and it takes 2 weeks to be approved, supposing your 2 articles approved each 2 weeks and if this persist, then your first monthly earnings is $30, what about if you send 10 articles and all of them successfully approved? Just calculate benefit you'll get. This site is not scam, we must work hard so as to our article can be approved. What are you waiting for? Register for free as follows :

If you've clicked "Ambassador", then you have to fill up the form provided correctly then after finished click "submit". Final step, return to "My Account", and you can input your article right away, otherwise you can start writing topics you know much, donnot copy from any other sites because you could be caught as cheater. If you still confusing about topic, don't worry, if you have extra fund you can hire content writer on

If you have had your own article, then click "documents", then after you entered next page click "submit a document", wait until next page appears, then click "submit", wait until flash downloading finish. If done, in the box below sentence like this "If you have ambassador number, please enter it here : ", you fill it with bb0c80.

Next step is upload your article document, click "add document(s), search your document, click "Open", then click "upload" and wait till it finish and appears next page.Then click next step, and so on like paragraph above. Don't forget, Every time you asked like this "If you have ambassador number, please enter it here : ", you must fill it with bb0c80. If you fill it you'll receive $15 each article submitted, otherwise you'll get $10. Wait till next 2 weeks you'll notice whether your article approved or not. If your articles still rejected, never give up, keep writing and earn money.

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