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For blogger or website owner who loves make money online, you should know how to monetize your blog/web, there are many opportunities such as Affiliate Program, Advertising Program and Paid To review. I'll describe one by one :

A.) Affiliate Program
This program will give commision blogger/website owner if there is a deal between program owner with buyer through blog/website affiliation.,, and is several of major affiliate programs which offer high earnings than another one.There are kinds of affiliation type such as :

  • Two-Tier Program :Company will give commission from direct sale and sale resulted from your referral affiliatiates you've recruited. You can join this affiliate method at
  • Pay Per Sale : Company will give commission for each sale from your blog/website. You can join this affiliate at
  • Bounty : Company will pay bounty to blogger/website owner after delivering visitor to merchant site (advertiser), but if visitor buy directly from merchant site you will get nothing.
  • Pay Per Lead : Resemble with above method, where company will pay bounty for you once after visitor delivered to merchant site and fill in buying form. The most famous PPP site nowadays is

B.) Advertising Program

Perhaps many bloggers and website owners have been familiar with this program so I'll not to elaborate about this program, I just wanna recommend credible sites which have been proved paid to their members. Generally, there are 2 famous kinds of advertising program :

  • CPM (Cost Per 1000 impressions) : It means company will pay every times their client's Ads appear 1000 times regardless visitor buy or not the product. You can join on

  • PPC (Pay Per Click) : Broker will pay you every times unique visitor click ads on your blog/website. This could be one of your passive income source. The international major broker and famous at this time are Google Adsense, Bidvertiser and adbrite, you can either choose one or all. Happy make money online guys :D

C.) Paid To Review

This is online earnings which may as solution for newbie bloggers, you can earn money easily here, the only things you should know that you must have at least blog with 1 month old, have at least 10-15 unique visitors per day, have at least 5-6 (10 will be much better) original posting, your minimal PR is 2 and of course update your blog regularly, last steps is earn money from reviewing by registering your blog/website to the broker sites, you can search trustworthy broker sites by searching on Google :-D (I recommend you to read FAQ and TOS before joining). Please read article about steps to prepare your blog before join paid review here

D.) Another blog monetizing programs

- Goviral Network

- Website/Blog Selling

- Sell Links in Teliad

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