Hi all Netter colleagues, do you want to earn extra income or even your main income? Supposed you just wanna make easy money from the internet but how much seductive and misleading (or even scam?) offers, hmmm, I will give you valuable information on how to pursue hidden money (treasure trove) on the internet without leaving your main activity, (not the turgid lol!). Just the same with hunting we must have a route map to go to get there. The most important thing here is that you must follow the instructions-guide from me, if only reading or analyzing without practicing will not be effective.

Before you start the online business activities, it requires account online which its function doesn't much different with the conventional account in the real world, such as storage of your funds, transactions (such as credit and debit cards in the real world). The pros of using online bank accounts rather than conventional one are:

1. Not asking for your initial deposit.

2. No monthly rental fee or a monthly / annual basis.

3. Registration fee zero dollar.

4. Many merchants (traders) who receive payments online using this payment electronically.

5. You can withdraw or transfer funds wherever and at any time during the 24 hour provided that there is an internet connection.

Next I'll explain 2 international e-payment that was most used by the online businessman (I recommend you to use both...):

   1. Paypal

Paypal is E-payment tool that is used most in the world and securest. The benefit of using Paypal account compared to other online e-payment is it could be transferred directly to the local bank in 190 countries and support 16 currencies with a minimum number of withdrawal $ 10 USD. But the facility can be met if your account has been verified or otherwise your funds will be limited to $ 100 USD to transfer and receive funds without withdrawal. How can we account can be verified? Enter the number of your credit! Yes, that simple but what if you do not have a credit card? if you have yet do you wish to enter the number card that is very sensitive due to numerous of credit card abuse (cybercrime) by wicked netter ?. Later I describe the solution. Read More


2. Alertpay

In general, Alertpay is not much different with Paypal,. The advantage compared Paypal is       on  account verification process which is very easily. You simply upload the scanned identity     cards and the invoice or any document that the mailing address where you live (can charge       phone,  bank statement, electricity bill, etc.), no need a credit card again. Read More

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