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A lot of easy money you can find on internet, but I'm not telling you "get rich quick scheme", we must work hard to achieve what we want. Some people said that if we want make money from internet we must at least have website or blog. But I tell you that without those we as common netter could make money too. There are 1001 ways to make money online. Earnings Programs that offers us as netter to make money such as PTC (Paid To Click), PTR (Paid To Review) without blog and PTS(Paid To Search).

There are horde of PTC, PTR, PTS spread around internet. But watchout of scam program, I'm really picky, my suggestion is that quality is more valuable than quantity which means I just joined a few PTC, PTR and PTS rather than joining lots of those. I just wanna share my experience to all of you that I used to join lots of PTC but 99% are scam and I have never been paid!, so sad and pathetic. I wrote kinds of PTC, PTR and PTS which reliable, trustable and recommended to all of you friends :


Ciao is the site which combines between paid to review program and social networking such as facebook and friendster. This site is genuine and not spam, Ciao pay all its members. This site used to be owned by GreenField Company which then most of its stock has been bought by giant software company, Microsoft, so no need worry anymore as this site is credible and being owned by one of the largest company in the world. How to make money in ciao? Read more


Homepagesfriends is unique and genuine site from United Kingdom. It pays us only for searching by using provided private search engine!. Very simple to earn money here and we will be paid with £ (PoundSterling). After registering you'll be given private search engine's link from Yahoo. Each time you search anything just like searching with Google then you'll earn money, yes you will be paid for your daily activity on internet. You can search unlimited per day but you must making unique searching which means you can't search by using repeatedly keywords, Read More


The system of Microworker is very simple, you’ll be paid by helping someone(employer) and you as employee, so there is no significant difference between real offline job. Read More


I've just joined this cool site a couple days ago so I'm still newbie about this site but I'll try to share as far as I know about Twitter. Twitter is one of the famous social networking nowadays I think. It has become phenomena just like Facebook (perhaps more superior than facebook I think). Many potential things could be obtained from Twitter rather than solely friendship which made many people have been "hypnotized" to join it. Beside make friendship, i can promote my business ( not spamming and advertising), delivering traffic into my blog and many advantanges which could be improved in Twitter, I'll tell another advantages later. In my opinion, Twitter has features as follows : Read More

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