Tips To Boost Your PPC's Earnings And Traffic

I’ve just registered Bidvertiser and I curious how to boost my earnings. After I’ve asked master blogger, there is a simple tips to boost PPC’s earnings such as Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, etc by using Yahoo Answer and I don’t know whether it was coincidental or not, there were numerous visitors who clicked my ads. Since Bidvetiser’s earnings is depends on how much visitors who’ve clicked and Geo target ( in this case, visitors from USA, Canada and Europe have expensive click’s value), Yahoo Answer very help me to increase traffic especially from those regions.

How it works??, simple, in Homepage area, just search questions list there. There are many categories such as computer, food, sports, etc. You just choose what category which related with your blog’s topic and if you wanna more specific topic, choose sub category and then submit your answer ( I recommend for not submitting incorrect and misleading answer in order not to be considered as spam and try that your answer is related with your posting on your blog.), then last steps is enclose link (reference source, here you can put your URL’s blog at source box).
Being active with Yahoo Answer could be applied too for blogger who hasn’t PPC ads. You can boost your traffic and attract visitors from many countries since keywords on Yahoo Answer are often appear on the top of Google search engine result pages. Moreover, Questions list on Yahoo Answer could be your inspiration to write article for your blog when deadlock come to your mind. You can practice this tips as well for Google Adsense.


Is it true that Google Hate Paid To Review?

Many publishers who join paid to review program feel annoyed with Google’s policy which cut page Rank’s blog of publisher if they’re found by Google write paid review. Why did Google so cruel by cutting PR from 3 to 0, even N/A?? well ,we should have a good prejudice to Google. They have reason why they did that. As we known that when we write review which “sponsored” by advertiser, they always ask us to put at least 3 links on review which direct to site they promoted.

It makes outbound links from the blog which used will bigger than inbound links, or we can call it link churn. Link churn will stir up trouble the Google’s system to indicate the quality of page rank and search engine result pages. This is I think the most scientific answer from this matter. In order to get higher page rank, ratio between indbound links which direct to our blog must be more than outbound links in our blog which direct to another blog.
Final conclusion, Google doesn’t hate directly to blog which joining paid to review program. In order to balance between outbound links and inbound links, we should look for as many as backlinks by leaving comment on Do-follow blog or exchange link with another blog.


You Must Know About Foreign Exchange Markets

Well, After posting about Forex Margin Trading last week, here is the next step you must know in order that you'll not miss anything. The foreign exchange markets are situated all around the world. Currency trading is a global activity. Every country in the world uses money and needs to change that money into other currencies in order to trade or interact with other nations.
Currency exchange happens at every level of society. As an individual, you may have changed money when traveling on business or on vacaation. Or maybe you have sold something on eBay to somebody in another country. Their payment comes in to your account in their own currency, and the bank or other payment processor such as PayPal changes it for you. That is currency exchange at the root level.

Foreign exchange or forex trading has a different purpose, however. When you are trading on the foreign exchange markets you are not buying another currency because you need it. You are buying it in the hope that it will rise in value, so you can change it back and end up with more money than you started out with.

Of course, it is risky. The price movement could go against you and then you would end up with less money instead of more. So you will want to gather plenty of information about currency trading before you start.

Forex trading began in the 1970s when the major currencies were deregulated so that their values were no longer fixed. The banks and large investors quickly saw the potential for making money from the changing prices.

The main forex marketplaces are the big financial centers of the world. London sees the highest activity with New York second and Tokyo third. Other major players are Sydney, Zurich and Frankfurt.

Originally you had to be in one of those places to trade money, or at least have a telephone connection with a broker who was there. It was very difficult for somebody who was not on the spot to act fast enough to react to the sudden fluctuations in price that can happen in the forex markets.

But modern advances in technology have changed all of that. Since the rise of the internet it has been possible to trade on your own account from anywhere. This means that it has become easier and easier for the little guy to get a piece of the action.

While some people never think about foreign currency from one overseas trip to the next, others are studying charts and financial information or even using automated software in the form of forex robots to make money from the rising and falling prices with the aim of becoming financially free by trading on the foreign exchange markets.

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