Is it true that Google will remove PR system?

Have you ever Listened to lately issue that Google would remove the system Page Rank (PR)?.This issue has been blown up since the Google PR was eliminated from the stat which shown on Google Webmastertools.
From there then the issue that Google will remove PR are blowing out. This is of course makes a frenzy for those who running online business that use Google PR to make money from their web / blog.

Then is it true that Google will remove its Page Rank system?
Based on statements from Susan Moscow, who introduced herself as a Google employee. That PR was eliminated from the statistics on Google Webmastertools. This is done because Google does not want the webmasters think too much about Google's PR problem. Because it ‘s felt disturbing then statistics of this PR has been removed from the webmastertools statistics.

As for the overall statistics on the Google toolbar PR, Susan Moscow said that the statistics on the Google toolbar PR is still remains. Although personally, he preferred if the statistics on the toolbar is eliminated as well. But to delete the statistics from the toolbar PR is not easy, since Google also needs to consult with the webmasters who use this toolbar. If Google must remove,Google should announce the elimination of this problem and not undertaken unilaterally and secretly.


Factors That Make Your Adsense’s Earning is not increasing

Have you ever been so curious and annoyed when you see that your adsense's earnings is stagnant and very low since you earn only penny from there. There are many factors that influence your adsense's earnings. You should know these crucial factor below :

1.You do not have enough traffic

One of the most important factor (if there is another important factor) in order to earn dollar from adsense is the traffic. Without traffic who wants to click your ads?

2. Your traffic are not targeted

Yeah, right. You need targeted traffic to reach earnings from adsense. And as far as my knowledge (very little) is targeted traffic from search engines. People who come from search engines is usually the people who are looking for any information, whether it's how to plant cucumbers, fix a leaky roof tiles, the best hosting reviews, ipod lowest price on China, and so on.

They went to your site with the thought 'I need a solution for my diabetes', and then saw an interesting ads, entitled 'blood sugar-lowering pill greatest, the best invention after Thermos' appears in your web page. Most likely, some of them will click these ads, because that's what they were looking for, a solution to their diabetes.

Now, look at your traffic sources. You have a lot of traffic every day, but from where traffic are? From the results by leaving comments here and there? From stumbleupon, digg, and other social sites? I tell you a secret buddy, those traffics are garbage. Of course, in terms of adsense. Traffic from the comments, social sites, and such is useless for adsense.

Most traffic is bloggers and surfers, and they are not the kind people who want to click ads, most of them've known which ads and which are not, and instead tend to avoid advertising. And certainly they're NOT looking for information, solutions to their problems, and so on. They will not be interested in advertising, whatever it is, simply because they're just surfing.

Targeted traffic is people who come to the store or hypermarket with the aim to buy something, and surfers are people who come to the mall to hang out. If you are the owner of the store at the mall, what kind of visitors do you want?

3. Your ad placement s bad

Watch again your ad placement. Google already provides examples of map adsense ad placement. Just practice it as you seen on there.

4. Your Adsense ads are not not 'blended'

In short, try to 'mix' your ad space with your entire site content. If your site a white background, use a white background also also in your ads. Use the blue link, or that matches the color of links on your site. But basically,most of surfers have a habit of associating the link in blue. In essence, do not let your ads “scream " :I’m ads!!!", because many surfers who avoid ads.

5 . Your topic is too wide

Almost the same as the previous point. Adsense bot is “confused” start to tell what ads because in one page there are so many 'keywords'.

Maybe you think that the topic 'health' is your primary focus. But no, Just imagine if your blog talks about acne, weight loss, diabetes, etc. which Ads must be displayed? This is mainly for adsense ads on our index page, which usually contains a few posts at once.

If you have a blog with “mixed type” so, use only 1 post on the index page. This will reduce the 'confusion' of the adsense bot to determine what ads are most appropriate.

9. Too many distractions on your page

You disturb your guests from focusing on the adsense ads to the other parts of the page. Usually the most common, you display the links in too many eye-catching parts on your site.
So, do not disturb your visitor's view with links and others. Put your site navigation to the parts that are not eye catching, in the right sidebar is recommended.

10. You targetted on the Wrong Niche

In this case there are several points that can be included in this point.

a. You choosed a low market value topics.

You'll get a different per-click when you hit the topic of "loan" and when you hit the topic of "free movie trailers', for example.

b. You choosed non-buying target topic.

The surfer is looking for "Free movie tralier" not a surfer with buying mood. Unlike surfers who seek information about "debt consolidation service" for example.

c. You choosed the topic of which its audience are 'advanced internet users'

A webmaster would have understood, Most of them tend to avoid advertising.

d. You choosed the topic of which its audience are people from non-high-country market.

It could be said, the largest online shoppers come from U.S. and West Europe. Click with the high value come from these countries. If most of your users are people fromPakistan (just an example), the value per click that you can obtain is lower than the clicks that come from U.S. territory. So, do not compose the keyword "how to find cheap apartments in Pakistan", but compose the "how to find luxury condominium in Los Angeles" or "London sports car insurance".


Using SEOParking For Linkbuilding

As we known that backlink is very important for business blog, one of the easiest way to get more backlinks is by using SeoParking autoblog. This is a service where we could park our domain name without thinking anymore about posting if we switch on its autopost features. A public service auto post is of course has a lack of authenticity of content, grammar, and sometimes contain many links.

But, on the other hand, besides having these deficiencies, I think seoparking also have added value to blog seo that we can use for link building. So what added value that we can take as advantage from this autoblog service?

We can use seoparking service to build a dummy blog. With a different DNS server for each domain, as well as IP addresses are not the same, domain parking for a dummy blog is a good alternative to the main blog link building. To save money for domain parking dummy, we can use a dot info domain name which its price is cheaper than the price of TLD domain.

On the other hand by submitting articles to seoparking ,they will be automatically included to the list on the categories of articles. These autoposted articles are also will be posted to another domain that uses this seoparking services too. If we submit an article which we put in one link to our main blog, it will help our blog get more backlinks from this.


Paid Per View By Goviral Network

Goviral Network is another solution for those who are interested in blog monetization. The system of Goviral Network works is based on pageview for a short videos we have to post on our blog. Video format which presented is reminiscent of youtube.

So our task is to register our blogs, then blogs will be reviewed by the Goviral Network whether it deservedly accepted or not. If it accepted then we can select the type of video that we want to display on our blog. Price-per-view for the visitors who click on the video has many of variations and you can convert it to local currency.

For each viewed video doesn’t mean you’ll will be paid, but the view will be paid is based on the target country, which it means countries that has been targeted by advertiser to view the video. Description targets can be seen on the video details at the Campaign menu.


Earn Money From Forum

Do you know that we can sell anything and earn money at online forum?? In this topic i’ll emphasize for blogger who’d like to sell their services such as sell your links, paid review. By way of selling services in these forums, you can get the right price, and there is no fees by the agent or broker anymore. And much more you’ll be paid fastly, when the job is complete then PM advertiser, payment will be sent to your PayPal account less than 2 days.

Maybe there are several webmaster forums that provide a market for buying and selling services like this, but I’m only using the forum DigitalPoint (DP). This forum has some Subforum sale space that allows me to sell my products and services, but in this discussion I wrote about the sub-forum Link Sales only.

All you have to do is search Linksales from their subforum. Once we view the first entry, you can see a lot of thread with the prefix and . WTB stands for Want to Buy, where the thread maker wanted to buy the link to their site. WTS stands for Want to Sell in which thread-makers want to sell the link to the advertiser.
You can sell your services by responding at WTB thread or make your own thread started with at your thread title. For ways to make this thread WTS, you dont need to be confused, just learn from WTS threads that already exist. Then rewrite the format, change the things that need to be and adjust the price with your desires. Easy right?
Here I give simple sample :

Reading your thread at [url thread], I have a PR 3 general blog with Finance category that might interest you. You can see my blog at [Your URL].
I can write a blogpost with 3 links to your website for $$$.
If you like, you can also buy a blogroll link for $$ per 3 months, or $$ per 6 months, or $$ per year. Please let me know if you’re interested.
(Your Name)


Steps To Prepare Blog Before Join Paid Review Programs

Have you ever felt despair to pass your blog in famous review program such as Reviewme, Blogsvertise and SponsoredReview, etc? well, you should know the main factor in order that your blog will be accepted in those paid review programs:

This is the main factor which decisive whether your blog is qualified enough or not, they will consider about your content’s originality, grammar, and topic.

2.Google Pagerank
Google Pagerank is the most absolute condition, since this is what advertiser aimed. Minimum that become as standard is PR 3. The higher PR, the higher of your blog’s value.

3.Alexa Ranking
It describes blog position in traffic competition. The fewer digit of Alexa, it means blog has many visitors.Paid review program usually will accept and give job regularly to blog which has Alexa under 500.000.

It means links which direct to your blog, the more backlinks you have, the more powerfull of your blog on search engine result pages. You could get lots of backlins by exchange link with another blogger or leave comment on do-follow blog.

This is additional condition which figured on by advertiser too (but not all). Technorati’s ranking is calculated from how many another technorati blogs which give links to your blog.

6.RSS Reader
It means visitor or reader who subscribe to your blog’s articles. The more subscriber you have, the more credible of your blog.

If you've felt that your blog is credible, there is another way toearn money from your blog beside paid review brokers, read this


Job Vacancy From Microworker

There are always thousands ways to make money online, you can make money online by using blog, website, portal and for those who don’t have blog, don’t worry you can get online job too, one of the easiest way is in Microworker. The system of Microworker is very simple, you’ll be paid by helping someone(employer) and you as employee, so there is no significant difference between real offline job.

All you have to do are listed below :
1.Register for free at Microworker here and verify your email

2.Login and start searching available jobs, select the jobs and make sure you are able to finish the job since employer have time limit for each job, If you think you couldn’t finish, don’t try to accept the job or you’ll be banned.

3.Send proof that you’ve finished your job

4.Last, if employer approved your job, you’ll be paid and when your earnings reach minimum $9, your money will be sent via PayPal or Moneybookers, it will takes 10-15 of business days

This site is suit for those who still unemployee or for those who are looking for extra cash, no boss will angry with you again and feel financial freedom there, enjoy it.


Sponsoredtweets, Earn Money From Your Tweet

Here is the brand new paying site which affiliated with Twitter. As its name, this site pay us per tweet or we can call it pay per tweet. Unlike its predecessor such as Twittad, it uses pay per tweet system, therefore there are links which included along with each tweet.

As a Dollar Hunter From Internet, this new earnings site must be investigated before joining. After searching on Google, I found that blogger master such John Chow confessed that he has earned $250 from only 2 tweets..Wow!
The system on it reminiscent of paid review program, the only things that make it different is we don’t need blog to join Sponsoredtweet and no need worry again with Google which will penalize your twitter account since there will be bulky outbound links on your tweets. The remaining almost same, all we have to do is include sponsor links each tweet we did. How much they will pay us? It depends on our followers. The more followers we have, the more money we’ll earn. Sponsoredtweets has specific calculation where we will be paid for each tweet and each click from tweet we promoted. I’ve tried use this feature, and the result is each tweet from me is worth $1 but I’ve never get opportunity until now.
You don’t need worry whether this site is scam or not?? This site was established by IZEA,inc which has been successful with 2 paid review programs such as Payperpost and Socialpark.


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