Solvent Recovery Solution From Nexgenenviro

Nowadays, many people are aware for the health of our environment. With issue of global warming that caused by increasing of commercial and regulatory pressures on process industries, urgently we need the solution to reduce waste and reuse of solvents that will help to maintain the environment while keeping industrial operational cost low.

There are many type of solvent recovery system with various prices as well. I came across with a site called which provide Solvent Recovery. Their products are credible since has been utilized by over than 8000 customers that including all levels of government agencies, all branches of military, NASA, defense contractors, etc, so they have credible and trustworthy products. One of their product is Solvent Recovery System that can be used by manufacturing, production and fabrication sites to reduce waste and re-use of solvents.

Another product that can be customizable is Waste Recovery System. It will help you to save the operational cost. In essentials, they will help you to find the best solution recover from manufacturing process and I’m sure it suitable with every type of company and organization. If you want more information, just visit their site at, look at online catalog and if you are interesting, purchase it online.


Earn Up To $100 From PayPal Wishlist

For the facebookers, here is the most hot info, Paypal are making promotion at Facebook and gives prize money up to $ 100 via Facebook until 31 December 2009. The system is very easy, you should only have paypal account and facebook. Follow these simple steps below :

click on this link and follow these instructions :

1. You will be taken to the facebook login page, please login first

2. click on "Agree ......"

3. Click the "Create wishlist" and select / choose of 5 products you wish

4. Click "share" and post your wishlist to your facebook wall

5. click "submit email” and fill out your paypal email

5. to get a referral link, click on "Home" on your facebook account and
See your wishlist’s share, then click the link on the word "PayPal
Wishlist ".
Use this link to invite your friends at facebook

6. Earn $ 1 per referral and up to $ 100

7. Payment from paypal on February 28, 2010, no matter how much money you’ve earned but the maximum limit is $ 100


Trick To Create Homepage Links Only On Blogspot

If you put a link on the homepage at blogspot, for example, put your link in the sidebar on either the left or right, up and down, when you access a sub-page, will that link appears as well? The answer is not, since the default setting at blogspot is sitewide links and has not support yet for homepage links only system.

In the Text Link business, most of advertisers are prefer to choose homepage links only for publisher. It means that they ask the link displayed at the homepage only. So when someone access to Subpage of blog, links will not appear.

Well if you are using, below are the following tips to eliminate those links in order to not appear on Subpage and only appear on the homepage.

1. Sign in to Dasboard select the blogs who want to be edited and click on the blogger, and then click Layout. Select Add a widget.

2. Give the title of this widget, such as a blogroll. Then the fill it with the links you want to put in the box provided. Then click save.

3. Now click edit html, check the expand widget writing. Then find the blogroll (the title of the widget you’ve created earlier). Use Ctrl + F and search blogroll.

4. Then find out this code

<b:include id="main” >

then paste this code right under the above code:

<b:if cond="data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl">

Then find out this code :

<include name="quickedit">

And then paste this below code right under the above code :

</ b: if >

(use the CTRL key and F to facilitate the search)

5. When all steps have been finished, click save template. And open your blog, then check your blogroll widget. Click at one of your blog’s posting, if successful, you will not see that blogroll widget anymore since it will appears at homepage only


Steps To Sell Website/Blog

Here are several steps to sell website/blog

1. Buy domain and hosting

Domain is the name that can be used to create website or blog. You can buy a new domain that has not been owned by someone else by searching for domain names based on English vocabulary that easy to be memorized , several words for domain which contain selling point are: Affiliate, forex, money, games, music, health, etc.. Each domain purchased you will receive:

* Domain Username and Password to log in and manage your domain control.

* So if you sell the domain name after receiving payment from the buyer, you can hand over domain manager login data or transfer your domain to another domain and hosting provider. You can ask for help or ask directly to the hosting about the ways of domain transfer, and website transfer.

Hosting is the place to create a web or blog. You can buy hosting for a monthly fee or per year and also with a different capacity. One hosting account can also be used for more than one websites / domains, depending on the hosting package. For example, there is one hosting account that can be used to:

*One domain name can only be used for one website name

* 2, 3, 5 up to 20 domain means that one hosting can be used to create 2 up to 20 websites at once.

* Unlimited domain means can be used to create a website infinitely.

The amount of hosting capacity also influential, for example for the local hosting providers in my country (Indonesia) are usually have capacity between 50MB-1000MB, while for overseas hosting have capacity up to Thousands of MB untill infinity. Of course, the greater capacity will be the Better.

The easiest way is to buy a domain and hosting in one package: for example, buying Domain + Hosting with a capacity of 100MB, 10GB for one year.
These What I recommended if you seriously want to buy a domain, hosting and intend to make buying and selling websites in the future. :

- Please buy the package + Hosting Unlimited Domains (Baby) about $ 10 per month, and you can get the price of hosting only $ 0.01 in the first month. so you can test it with the price of hosting only $ 0.01 in the first month.

- Later, you can create unlimited websites in one account. You can just buy a domain from somewhere else and then change the server name.

2. Make your website or blog

After purchasing your domain hosting then you can create a website or blog, you can use the script facility for free in Fantastico De luxe which available at every hosting provider.

Make Content
- You can copy from free article, It's the easiest tips for you that still confuse to look for content for your blog.

- Add the contents of the various affiliate programs, adsense and others to earn money from your website / blog.

3. Promote your Website / Blog

Once you have a website / blog then you should promote your website to gain visitors , Ranking, and also income from the affiliate, adsense or other.

You can use many ways of promotion such as:

*Post a link of your web site to free ads website

*Use a traffic exchange

*Buying traffic from PPC ads like adword etc.

4. Sell your website or blog

If your web / blog age is at least 1 month old or more, having income from affiliate, adsense, selling a specific service, etc., then you can sell it with higher prices.

*You can sell via etc.

*After an agreement on pay rates and then you can provide the domain data manager and hosting name to buyer or transfer the domain and hosting to other parties which used by buyer.

*Payment system can be: Paypal, Wester union, bank transfer, etc. according your agreement with the buyer.


Earn Money By Selling Website/Blog

This is an advantage if you use premium domain name such as .com, net, .org. that you can buy those between $8 - $10 annually. You can sell the domain name or with the website simultaneously with high price which its price could reaches hundreds until thousands of dollars. Some of the things that determine the value of websites’s selling point are :

• You have premium domain (not free), the more concise and easy to be remembered domain name will be the higher price. Examples: (Sold 2.5 Million U.S. $), (sold U.S. $ 50,000 on SitePoint)

• Traffic: If your website got enough traffic, hundreds or thousands of visitors, especially visitors who came from search engines. More and more visitors then the value of the website will be higher.

• Income: either from affiliate programs, adsense, product sales ,etc. Many buyers who dare to buy even 3 times to 50 times of your monthly income from Adsense. For example, if revenues from adsense is $ 100 per month, it will be many buyers who would buy with the price is 10 times of your monthly income from Adsense ($1000 or more)

• Having Good rank in Google or Alexa. The greater PR of your website then the price could be higher (PR-1 PR-2 to PR-10). Otherwise, the fewer alexa rank of your website then the price could be higher as well.

This is also one of my strategy. Create a simple website, bringing traffic to a website, earn income from the affiliate, adsense etc., and increase the resale value. I ‘ve practiced it with $20 to hired hosting space including domain name for a year, then after promoted for about 3-5 months and has quite a lot of visitors, has been indexed on google, yahoo etc.

I did a test with the web and offered one simple web by using PayDotCom’s facility and then it sold $ 300 in just 1 day! (and another web has been sold $ 2100 with auction system worth.) You can sell your domain or web at several places such as:

• Forum: Forum.digitalpoint, siteindeed, sedo ,etc.

• Selling website with Auction system is pretty good for sales promotion and obtain a high price. And just see that there are many websites with 3-4 months old are succesfully to be sold for Hundreds Even Thousands of Dollar.

• Tips to sell websites to the auction system is you should make auction at SitePoint, especially in the "Market Place - Established sites for sale". Firstly, you must purchase credit points for $ 20 (20 credits). Then make a detail website that you sell along with other information such as traffic, especially from the Cpanel, monthly income(if any), page rank, a minimum bid price and the auction time (the period of auction at SitePoint is available for 30 days). Define a system of payment you receive such as paypal, western union, bank transfer etc. If you already have a buyer who ‘ve bid the highest price, then you can make payment deal and transfer the website or domain. You should transfer your domain name after receiving full payment only. Here you can learn steps to prepare website/blog before sell it and tips how to sell it fastly.


Earn Money From Paid Per Promote

Recently I found new paying site called paid to promote and this site is not scam, there are lots of member who have received payment. They pay their members by using CPM method, so we don’t need to sell their product, all we have to do is just place the code on our blog/web and generate traffic, that’s all. In order to get maximum result, we need generate traffic especially from united states, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom since CPM value from those countries is worth $4 which it means 1000 visitors on our blog will be convert to $4, imagine if we have 5000 visitors/day, we’ll earn $20/ day for free!.

Meanwhile for another country beside 4 main countries above that accepted are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain.
, each 1000 visitors from those countries will be convert to $2.They pay twice monthly automatic payments By Paypal or WebMoney . In the 15th and the 30th , Not required E-mail request for payment and minimum payments is $ 0.1 .

But remember, they have some rules such as not allowing any use of the Proxy traffic and Browser must Enable scripts that Can be credited to credit and then Surfers must stay above 10 seconds for can be credited. If you are interested, please register here.


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