8 Shortages Of iPad

The Giant technology company which produces the number 1 of smartphones called iPhone, Apple on January 27 has officially launched the iPad at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, San Francisco, CA. A computer device that claimed as the brightest and will "kill" laptop, even the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs stated that iPad is the most important thing he had ever announced.

iPad is a masterpiece, and has super features to enhance user productivity, such as e-book reader, video player until the game console (entertainment) and many more.
But many observers deplored about several shortages they’ve found at iPad, these shortages will certainly make people think twice to buy it until Apple make improvements, of course this is very disappointing when considering for so long people wait this masterpiece of Apple tablet

And here are the shortages found at iPad:

* No Adobe flash
* Not equipped with a camera
* Not to multitasking
* The screen has a small size, which is 9.7 inches
* Not using Mac OS
* Storage capacity is not big enough
* The battery is not easily replaced
* Does not have HDMI port


Tips To earn $30/Month From PeopleString

After explaining about PeopleString at Previous article, i'll share several steps to earn $30/month from PeopleString, These are really simple steps for you to earn $30 with minimal effort. Only need internet access, click there, click here, and ... money from the internet began to flow. This is the advantage by joining PeopleString, apart from a large referral commission $ 0.5 per referrals and commissions from downlines. No need to search referrals anymore, if you consistent, you’ll earn $ 30/ month. How? Check out this article

In order to be able to earn $ 30 a month or $ 1/ day, you need to be consistent to do these steps EVERY DAY, at least one time in the morning (between 00:00 AM untill 12.00 PM) and once in the afternoon (between noon 12.01 PM untill 23.59 PM):

1. Logout and log back into your account PeopleString you’ll earn 10points
2. Check email at PeopleString. you’ll earn 10 points
3. Select the "Shopping" and then click one of the categories, eg: Computers (you don’t need to visit the site) then, just back to home menu, you’ll earn 10 points
4. SEARCH anything through PeopleString (Google Search at the top on the homepage of your PeopleString account). After that, Refresh your account and you’ll earn 10 points
5. Click CashBox / Mailbox to view the latest update . Then come back to the menu "home" , you’ll earn 10 points

Every You do the activities aboveyou will get 50 PeoplePoints and if you do these 2 times a day, so the total People Points you earn in a day is 100. Remember, 100 Points = $ 1. When you consistently do that every day, you’ll earn at least $30.

Make sure that your downline also do this consistently every day. The higher of your referrals income, the higher commission you earn.


Make Money With PeopleString

Does Facebook or Twitter pay you? the answer must no. Although they have great revenue from advertising which it means they get rich because of their members, they exist because us but they never share their revenue to their members at all. But not for another social networking site PeopleString.

Unlike the most popular sites above, PeopleString will share their revenue for their members, it's quite fair isn't it?. Below are how to make money from PeopleString :

1. Free members earn 5% of their direct referrals earnings and 2% of all earnings on levels 2 through 6. Entrepreneur members earn 20% of their direct referrals earnings and 6% of all earnings on levels 2 through 6.

2. Entrepreneur members (paid members) get paid every 2 weeks and free members get paid once a month. The Minimum payment amount is $25.00. If you do not meet the $25.00 minimum distribution amount, your balance will carry over to your next pay period.

3. When someone you refer signs up you will see $0.50 in pending earnings. When they complete the initial mailbox-cashbox survey and confirm their address it becomes earned money. This is an easy and fast way to start earning money.

4. Once you complete the initial survey, you should start getting offers in the mail within 30 to 90 days. The first offer you will receive is from PeopleString. You must complete this offer to verify your mailing address. As payment for completing this offer, you will receive $1.50. To complete the offer, you just need to enter the code on the mailer you receive and your account will be credited.

5. Free members can use the refer a friend section or have them use your PeopleString email address as the referral code.

Very lucrative right??if you interested, register for free here and be my friend.


Beware Of "Open Case: Unpaid Item At eBay"

If you are a shopper on eBay, moreover you’re new comer, you need to becareful to make a bid there. eBay has strict rules that anyone who has ordered for wares, should pay. Do not simulate payments and ordered only to simply knowing the total cost.

Recently one of my colleagues in the virtual world experienced cases of "unpaid item" on eBay. He was confused because he was not interested in goods that have been clicked through feature "Buy it now", he just wanted to compare the total price to be paid. Finally, he got an email "unpaid item" from eBay.

What's unpaid item case and how it can be happen?

Unpaid item case is a warning given by a seller who offers his wares on eBay. Unpaid item case can occur due to the following examples:

The above examples are on the website eBay, about the meaning is as follows:

Case 1: Conor looking grill on eBay and make a bid in the auction. After winning the item, he has just realized that he had to pay higher shipping costs than he thought. He decided to not pay the bills by ignoring it. In this case, Conor had broken the rules of unpaid item on eBay.

Case 2: Sarah is a newbie on eBay and she had just browsing. she was interested in all things she saw. She did order the feature "buy it now" on all the things he saw. She did not realize that she had bought some items and required to pay. If she chooses not to pay, then she violated the rules of unpaid item on eBay.

Case 3: Colin looking for a new boat. He's got some some models that he like and did many things to offer. Finally Colin won two boats, but he only paid for one boat only. Colin had broken the rules unpaid item on eBay.

When we have ordered the goods either by auction or feature "buy it now" , then wares that we win it will go to the folder "won". Could things have been ordered / won but unintended are deleted by clicking "delete"?

The answer: NO

Unlike another online sellers, eBay does not allow us to remove the things we’ve chosen, so think carefully before you enter a bid or click "buy it now".

If you get hit by unpaid items, what the consequences? The consequence is that you can hit "unpaid item strike" from the seller. And the consequences more severe, your account on eBay could be suspended as information on the first picture above.

How do I avoid a strike from the seller if exposed to cases of "unpaid item"?

The only way is to explain to the seller, explain the reasons clearly and reasonable. Use polite language and ask for forgiveness to the seller. If your explanation is accepted by seller , they may cancel your reservation. Because only the seller can cancel the order. Finally, the Resolution Center will have information:

But if your reasons are not accepted, be prepare to pay if you do not want to be suspended .

Gud Luck and Happy Shopping!


Rent Out VPN USA Server For $3/Month

VPN is an internet access tool that could access and detect your IP, you could access internet from abroad quickly and smoothly to open content / blocked websites, anonymous surfing with IP (hiding the original IP address) so you can be detected as if you’re surfing from abroad (e.g USA), and protected when connecting to the Internet in such a public access hotspots in cafes, as well as several other benefits.

These are Comprehensive Benefits Using VPN:

* Can access blocked website
* Surfing safely at public internet access / hotspot
* Protecting the privacy of your browsing and email
* Your IP will not be identified

There are many free VPN but they have many drawbacks, so that’s why I offer VPN If you come across to my blog and need VPN, please feel free to cantact me here :

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The Biggest Secret To Access LinkNerve

Have you ever heard one of the best paid review broker Linknerve? I’m sure if you visit this site you’ll not find registration menu at all, does this site is bankrupt?? Nope, the answer is, this site has shortcut that not everyone know how to sign up with this program.

I’ll reveal the biggest secret to access and sign up to Linknerve, just click here and you’ll be brought to registration menu. All you have to do is register with your email and just wait job offer come to your email you’ve registered. But you must prepare good blog at least having PR 2 and has been cached by Google and the most important is don’t using subdomain such as blogspot or wordpress, you should use premium domain such as .com or .net

Good Luck !


Perfect Money Still Pay

Perfectmoney, I’m sure you’ve heard about this new payment processor beside Paypal, Libertyreserve, Moneybookers, Alertpay. As a brand new payment processor, PerfectMoney has been promoting itself incessantly almost one year. One that make they different that they offer lucrative cooperation by giving money for bloggers who want to place PM banner at their blog.

They used to accept blog who have minimum PR 2 and using free domain blog such as blogspot or wordpress but since November 2009, they changed the rule more strict. Only blog with minimum PR 3 and using premium domain such as .com that will be accepted. It means PR 3 x $10 = $30 per month, so how lucky you are for example if you have 5 blogs with each of them has PR 3, it means that you’ll earn $150/month!, not bad for passive income.

Recommended Accessories For Vehicles

I’m sure for those who loves sporty and luxurious car always try to modify their car with many accessories. But we should quite picky to choose which affordable accessories that match with our vehicle since there are many vehicle accessories provider which offer assorted vehicle accessories.

For me, chevy accessories is the best product for your vehicle. One thing that we can rely on chevy that they keep maintaining high quality of car accessories that could add value of your car and give some pride and prestige especially for young man. Designed by excellent experts, they offer accessories from assorted vehicles such as Trucks, sedans, and SUVs in every size and style.

The Best Web Hosting

Hosting is the main important for website beside domain. For webmasters unlimited hosting which allow them to place many URL domains could be more lucrative and andvantageous. It will more interesting and attract more consumers if webhosting providers give price discount by giving coupon codes or something similar.

I was looking for the best web hosting providers and finally I found the site that provides lists of ten top web hosting providers which reliable and affordable for webmasters to place unlimited domain hosting. This site contains the reviews of the top ten web hosting providers and their reviews are not subjective but objective because this site is an independent web hosting review site so the information we get is honest. Thing that make me interesting is that all of the best web hosts they reviewed are give many lucrative such as free domain name with unlimited domain, unlimited bandwidth and the best offer i think is they guarantee your many will be back forever if you feel unsatisfied.

This could be the best alternative for those who are looking for the best web hosting providers that match for individual and business company needs to a specific web host without waste the time by searching on the internet where there are many misleading or scam offers about from many web hosting providers but we could rely on them since they offer their services subjectively without comparison from independent independent web hosting review site


Paypal Limited Account

Have you ever get "Limited Account" when using PayPal?

If the answer is YES, then your case is the same with a lot of cases that experienced by our colleagues in cyberspace. Limited accounts can occur for several reasons, They are:

1. Your account has just verified (either using the original CC or VCC).

2. PayPal is keeping your account because they detected that your PayPal account was accesed by a third party. It may that Paypal detected 2 IP or more are login simultaneously or address or change the IP address in a very fas time.

3. You've just created a PayPal account, but you instantly receive large amounts of funds (and you request to withdraw) or directly spent or sent directly to another account as a whole.

4. You receive a payment with a less clear description.

5. You often enter the wrong password or email PayPal.

6. Your account type is personal, but you frequently alternate IP address.

7. You are suspected to have two different accounts with the name and the same type.

Well, how do I handle it?

here are Limited Account Problem Solving

Cause No. 1: If you've just been verified, your PayPal account may not directly be used for the transfer, so the solution is easy, wait until a few days (usually around 3 Daily)

Cause No. 2 to 7: this could take quite long process. If you are subject to limited account because of this case, then after you login, the screen will display text as shown in the following picture:


Beware Of Paypal Account Phishing

Phishing is a someone else’s PayPal account theft. "Phishing" is derived from the word "fishing" means. In this account thieves take advantage of lax victim provoked by the questions in order to steal personal data of victims, such as passwords or credit card numbers.
How it can happen and how overcoming it?
Here we will review this case

stolen PayPal accounts generally is a result of phishing activity or theft of personal data owner, it’s rarely occur the theft by using cracking through the script, because PayPal's defense is very strong by using encryption technology, secure SSL login 128-bit has been approved by the international data security standards "VeriSign Identity Protection".

Here are some possibilities that cause your account stolen:

1. You receive an email with a request to reset your password and security question, and demand for old password and security question with claiming that your account is being limited with the threat that your account will be closed.

BE CAREFUL: PayPal never do that. Email from PayPal will never ask for personal data or passwords via email.

2. You receive an email (as if) from PayPal with a particular attachment and you are asked to open.

BE CAREFUL: PayPal NEVER send an email with attachment, so do not take with this type of email, because it may contain viruses or spy programs (spy).

3. You receive an email that asked to write the credit card number and asked to send to a specific email.

CAUTION: NEVER ask for PayPal credit card number via email, and never give credit card numbers to any email or write arbitrary, because only by using the CC account number you can be stolen.

4. There is a keylogger or a registrar of typing when you log in through a shared computer, eg in cafes, school, college or office.

CAUTION: Always use a virtual keyboard when you log into your PayPal account in a public place.

5. Fraud with an invitation mode for a PayPal account hacking other people using a particular scripts along with PayPal e-mail with your password and should be sent to an email that seemed to belong to PayPal.

BE CAREFUL: PayPal Account others are not so easily uprooted by sending an email to a particular scripts. Such an invitation is usually only a ruse to steal PayPal email and password, which contains a script email, account and password are actually sent to the email thieves.

CAUTION: PayPal did NOT using mailerbot YAHOO, GMAIL or Hotmail or other mailerbot, PayPal has mailerbot encrypted so can not be known to anyone. Invitation to access mailerbot is 100% fraud and theft of your PayPal account!

What if your PayPal account has already been stolen?

The only way of solution is contact PayPal Customer Service and report the illegal transaction as "Unauthorized ACCESS" or "Unauthorized PAYMENT". PayPal fully supports efforts to combat phishing, fraud and carding.

Always be careful and do not be tempted to do anything unlawful, then the your PayPal account you will be SAFE!


The Best Of Truck Accessories

Bigger vehicles need bigger style, I’m agree with this term. Truck is one of the big vehicles nowadays and should need bigger style as well. Nowadays people love to have a custom for their vehicles since it will add the whole value of vehicles and of course is a part of pride and prestige for the owner. Not only sporty car that need to be customized and modified with many accessories but truck need it too.

There are lots of offers for accessories such as truck grills available online but you must choose which one is giving the best of quality, the design, materials, precise, guarantee and all that meet your requirements. I came across with the site that has a great sale on truck accessories and another car accessories where everything is comparatively cheap but with high quality, they have the best auto accessories which designed by the experts who understand the complicated relationship between the grills and how it is supposed to look like as you want.

I really recommend this site if you want the best of truck accessories. All you have to do is visit the site, look at online catalog, choose which one suits you and buy online


Promotion Stuffs For Your Products And Sevices

For those who run business should promote their product and services incessantly in order that the target of customer will be interested in. The most effective and cheapest promotion for company is by joining various events such as products and services exhibiton events where there are many merchants and organization promote their products and services.

Of course in order to join this event, the company should have equipment that could support to help promote their product and services. I came across with the site that provide all of equipments that company should have when they will promote at various events. They are trade show displays, truss, logo floor mats, exhibit booths. Trade show displays are used for displaying products and services at various events, so this could be the most thing that company should have. The second is truss, as its name, this stuff is used on the stage and it can be customized to fit your display purposes. The third is logo floor mats, it used as company and organization logo, so make your entry mats more eye-catching. The last one is exhibit booths, it used as space when company fill it with their displays for presentation.

I really recommend for those who need those equipments as part of promotion stuff, visit the site and choose which one suits you.


Goole PageRank Updated At The End Of 2009

Google PageRank was updated again on december, 31st 2009 after the last update on October, 31st 2009. I’m very happy since this blog is not going drop as I was worrying this so far. As we know that blog which used to write paid review too much will be cut its PR into 0 or N/A since there are too many outbound spam links.

Thanks to God since this blog is my main source of blog monetizing and during last month I got several jobs review by posting those reviews in this blog. Well at least creating 20 dummy blogs to give backlinks to my mainstay blogs have given deep impact. And one thing that make me more happy is that my another blog is jumped from 1 to 3, thanks Google, you’ve given me optimism to stare at online business in 2010.

Note : I read from forum that the next Google PageRank update will occur on March 2010, so prepare your blogs before going drop bloggers.


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