Tips To Keep Your PayPal Account Secure

PayPal has a very strong protection to protect its customers. But there are still many efforts from hackers and crackers to access PayPal account forcedly. On the PayPal website reported that lately PayPal customers receive a suspicious email. Mentioned that the email was not from PayPal and responding to email is very dangerous for paypal account holder.

Besides the strict protection of the identity of PayPal, you also have to protect your own account.

These are tips for your PayPal Account Security:

1. Safe Login: To log into your account, or access the PayPal website, open a new web browser (eg : Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera and type the address with the prefix https PayPal -> https: / / Get used to use virtual keyboard when you trade in a public place (eg internet cafe) and make sure you have logged out before leaving the computer.

2. Greeting Posted: email from PayPal will address the PERSONAL OF YOURSELF, with your name or your company name listed in the PayPal account. Email fraud (cracker) will greet you with the prefix "Dear PayPal User" or "Deal PayPal Member". Not clear who the "user" destination.

3. Email Attachments: Email PayPal will never ask you to download attachments or software programs. Attachments contained in email fraud often contain viruses that may harm your computer or your PayPal account. Do not ever click any links from the suspected email fraud.

4. Request for Personal Information: When PayPal asks you to send detailed information (other than your name and e-mail), PayPal will send you an email and sent after you make the secure login at PayPal Account.

Personal information that must be kept secret is: the account password, credit card numbers, PIN numbers, ID card number, and birth of mothers’s first name.

Personal information which could be shared areemail and the account owner's name for purposes of transfer of funds between the owner of a PayPal account.


PayPal Micropayments : The Cheapest Fees For Micro Payment

Do you have goods or services that are unique and want to sell at a cheap price online? But whether it's possible? The answer is of course possible:)

Accepting payment by credit card at micro-payments business may sound ridiculous. The reason is the existence of credit card processing fees, which is the most popular payment for online transactions.

The limit of micro payment business here is for payment of less than U.S. $ 12. It means the price of goods or services you offer is below the price of U.S. $ 12.
One of the most frequently encountered problems is the problem of credit card processing fees. As a merchant, you will be burdened with costs that must be paid for credit card processing. Of course you can add these costs to the price component that will raise the price of goods or services you offer.

I believe you will find out credit card processing system with the least possible cost so that your profits will be even greater.

PayPal Micropayments

PayPal offers support for micro payments (micropayments) for the merchant. This means that PayPal provides special services for those who sell goods or services at a cheap price.

PayPal's micropayments feature providing a special rate of 5% + U.S. $ 0.05 for each transaction. This feature applies for premier and business accounts.

As you know, if we apply a standard PayPal account, we automatically charged 2.9% + U.S. $ 0.30 for each transaction. But what if you often receive a payment with a small nominal. The question that arises is “are there any differences? “

Standarpayments Vs. Micropayments

Let us compare the fees charged for standarpayments and micropayments.

PayPal Premier / Business: 2.9% + U.S. $ 0.30
PayPal Micropayments: 5% + U.S. $ 0.05

Now we calculate and we will find the magic number is U.S. $ 11.90. Where did these numbers come from?

Let's count together!

The numbers we will search for example is X, then:

0.029X + $ 0.30 = $ 0.05 + 0.05X
0.021X = $ 0.25
X = $ 11.9047 * $ 11.90

So $ 11.90 is the the transaction value called "cutoff" which means that we must decide whether to use the account premier / business account or use Micropayments.

If the transaction value of less than U.S. $ 11.90, we should use Micropayments account. Conversely, if the transaction value of more than U.S. $ 11.90, fees charged by PayPal would be smaller if you use account premier / business.

How to Have Micropayments Account?

There are two ways to have Micropayments account, namely:

1. Changing account premier / business into account Micropayments. We can apply to change the account premier / business into micropayments account. If you've changed, then our Paypal account will be subject to Micropayments rate and standard rate is no longer valid. This process may take approximately 2 business days.
2. Create a new PayPal account which later turned it into Micropayments account. In my opinion, this way better because we will have a flexible savings to reduce the cost of PayPal.

The next question is: if the transaction value is exactly U.S. $ 11.90, which one do you want to choose between account premier / business or Micropayments?


Beware Of Fake PayPal's Phone

I’ve just got a call from someone claiming to PayPal and want to ask something about PayPal. I'm not sure it's real phone from PayPal or not but I suspect that it was not the original call from PayPal.

This phone comes from China, seen from a phone number +862128913333. He said a recent deal I did with someone. Because I do not feel that I made that transaction, then I just say I'll check on my PayPal account. But the caller did not want to wait and immediately turn off the phone. Hmmm ... it’s very suspicious.

Due to curiosity, I finally logged into a PayPal account. My suspicions proved. Apparently it's true there are no transaction or my account get limitation access. Usually if there is a problem in a transaction, PayPal will limit the access of out PayPal account until the problem is resolved.

To find more information, I'searched at google ( =% 2B862128913333 & start = 10 & sa = N) and get some information about similar incidents. In my opinion, my phone just get a fake PayPal phone.

Some tips if you get the phone type:

* Please ask him where he/she comes from and ask if he/she really knows the full name in PayPal we
* Do not provide sensitive information, such as credit cards, passwords, emails, etc.
* For confirmation, please contact PayPal via the official website

Thank you and hopefully thius information is useful!


The Guide Of Web Hosting, CMS And Blogging

Internet has been growing rapidly now and has helped many people around the world to reconnect with old friends and family, earn money by running online business, get lots of information and many more. As a source of many types of information, internet provides many blogs and website that gives us valuable and useful information for free. Blogger and webmaster that make blog and website have great contribution for internet surfer who need for informations.

If we want to be more active to give information, we can be more participate as blogger and webmaster. if we want to build our own website or blog, whether commercial or personal, we need to know a little about web hosting news. Nowadays there are hundreds of web hosting companies, which promise us hundreds of the best guarantees. How do we know which ones are legitimate and which scam since It's so difficult to find a webhosting news, which makes it easier path in building our own website and blog. untill i came across with the site that contains many useful information about webhosting, webhosting industry news, articles, tutorials,domain,server, latest trends, reviews of the best web hosting providers, and the best web host awards. What distinguishes this site from others is that they provide an open management services.

we can learn a review of web hosting services available, based on these reviews make sure we choose a web hosting service provides a comprehensive online resource for web hosting, VPS,VPN, dedicated server,domain names and which provides a large directory. Moreover, we can compare the Host services which allows us to learn more about web hosting industry. that suits with our needs. This site has a wide choice of details about each of the listed companies as well. They provide the company name, description, and contact details in case you need more information about their services.

Monetizing For Mobile Wordpress Blog

At previous posts, I’ve shared about how to make blog for mobile version, this time I will discuss how blog of mobile version can generate extra money when visitors access via cellphone. After creating a mobile version of the blog I've discussed before, now let’s use this blog as source income by putting on ads just like Google Adsense.You should try Admob, It is mobile advertising service that has been been in acquisitioned by Google that we will use for blog monetizing via a mobile blog.

Before starting the following ways below, you have to create a mobile version of the blog first,

Now let us discuss about admob and how it works.

Want to know how?

1. Register at

2. Enter the URL of your blog along with a short description of your blog.

3. After that you will be asked to enter PHP code (curl) to your blog to activate the status of your
blog at admob.

4. Well if you're confused about the place where the code will be put on, the solution is you can put the code via the widget. Download plug in and activate Exec PHP plug-in is (search with the keyword “Executable PHP widget”, via plug in menu on the dashboard of your blog to find this plug). Then install this widget and paste the PHP code from admob into this widget and then save.

5. Open the settings menu and then click the mobile wordpress. Enter your admob affiliate code in the menu that has been provided, and then save the settings.

6. Wait until the status of your blog that listed on the admob become active. This status will be active if the code which inserted in your blog is correct and have been read by admob programs.

7. After status become active, the visitors who access your blog via a mobile advertising will see ads on your blog and whenever they click your ads ( valid clicks ), you’ll earn money.

The calculation of valid clicks is likes adsense, so do not try to click your own ads when you access your own blog via a mobile phone.


Alarm System to Safeguard Your Home

House is an important valuable for human being in this world. Further, daily activities were mostly begun from a house. For this reason, we need to give something special to our house in order that we can feel like at home. An alternative to make our house more convenient to stay in is to install a security system. In this modern era, we will easily come across a security system that is equipped with sophisticated technology.

If you are looking for a security system, please come to Alarmsystemstore.Com. This website absolutely provides you with a huge selection of Wireless Alarm system in all budgets. DSC alarm system is being popular this day since it provides maximal protection to a house. Responding your need of this system, this website is here to provide qualified products. Some plus points available at this site are: cheap products, shipping within 24 hours and so on.

This website also offers video surveillance and fire alarm system at competitive price. If you are a beginner in house security system, this website has featured the best deal. Meaning, you can get information which the best products that are being popular. Finally, browse this site to have detailed information.


Creating Wordpress Blog For Mobile Version

As we’ve known now that The access of internet has become more widespread, especially since the ease of access via handpone and other mobile equipment (mobile).
With a more simple browser such as Opera Mini, UCWeb, Internet access can be done anywhere as long as could be connected to the network (GPRS, 3G, 3.5G, EDGE, etc.).

But with these limitations, of course, the appearance of our blog will looks less when displayed via these mobile devices compared than the appearance when we access it from PC or notebook.
Beside software and hardware features which are more practical, also support certain codes may not be supported by these mobile devices.

So to overcome this problem we need creating a mobile blog so we can display and access to our blog much easier via mobile phone or other mobile equipments. these following tips will make your blog into a mobile. This tutorial is for you who using private hosting service from WordPress.

1. Download plug in wordpress mobile here.

2. Upload to your domain name and Activate the plug-in.

3. Click Settings in the menu of your blog dashboard. Then click mobile wordpress.

4. Write this setting :

General Plugin Configuration
# Index page welcome comment: (Contents Title blogs mobile version)
# Archive anchor text link: (blog archive)
- etc

4. text Setting:

Advanced User Agent Handling

* Treat the iPhone as a mobile or PC: Mobile
* Treat Opera Mini as a mobile or PC: Mobil

then click the button of Update.

After that then try to access your blog via your mobile phone and see the appearance of your blog more clear and loading is much lighter.

Congratulations, you now have a mobile version of the blog.


Activate Your PayPal Mobile Now

PayPal has a facility which allows users to make transactions via mobile phones. This facility is called PayPal Mobile.In general, PayPal Mobile allows us to use our PayPal account even when we can not use a computer or laptop. Benefits that can be obtained by using the PayPal Mobile are start from sending money through PayPal until check your balance. As long as we connect with wireless operators, we can take PayPal wherever we go.

We will not be charged for using PayPal Mobile other than the PayPal fee to receive the money from account premier / business. To use text messages (SMS) may be charged by mobile operators.

Paypal has released PayPal Mobile application for free for some mobile phones, namely:

* IPhone,
* Android, and
* BlackBerry

For other types of mobile phones, we can access through a mobile browser


Safety factor would be a very important factor for any financial transaction. PayPal says that any payments made with PayPal Mobile confirmed with a PIN or password. This can be used for security PayPal account even if we lost mobile phone.

Activation Of PayPal Mobile

* Confirm that your number supports PayPal Mobile and ask how much that costs may be charged for the use of PayPal Mobile. PayPal does not charge, but the operator may charge for data transfer.
* Find and press the link "Activate PayPal Mobile" on the PayPal account on the "Account Overview". Select the "Activate Your Phone".
* Enter the mobile phone number and make and enter a PIN.
* Send information and input a PIN number to mobile phone when we have received a confirmation call.


The Best Application Service Provider for Your Website

Application Service Provider (ASP) has rapidly grown into the web hosting scene in effort to provide companies have new and innovative services. We need this service to support our online business. The Application Service Provider is more emphasis on the process of our transaction as a web owner and the visitors. This interaction allows you and your customers so the transaction can proceed smoothly. Therefore, you should use ASP services best so you get the best service. If you are interested, you can visit the site you will the best choice here.

This site offers asp hosting, is the best ASP services and professionals so that facilitate your business. ASP has created software programs to handle various business functions such as materials management, human resources, financial management, and e-commerce transaction services. This service allows you to access the application services that can meet specific business needs of the company can focus on their core operations. You really need this service for your business so that your product can be reached by public.

This site provides a lot of important information about web hosting so you will get the best facilities for your online business. Give the best service for your business so you will get many benefits!


Getting All My Children TV Show

I am able to keep in mind in the 80s and most of the 90s TV been the principal thing in my life, so as Torrentreactornet. I would get back from school and I would observe Rainbow and He man. Then I would switch the channel to the BBC and perceive what was on there. The Kids TV Shows they were so fine back then, and hardly ever was there one that you did not like. Nowadays I am in awe if the kids born in the 2000s would sense like me when they develop.

Would they want to see the old kids TV shows from their early days when they have grown up? I very much doubt it. Now it is all about putting people in costumes and singing and dancing around. There just doesn't seem to be any imagination in many of the Kids torrentreactornet tv shows search today. It is "let us sing a song about the alphabet" etc and that is superior.
The merely program I can keep in mind been really fine at this was Sesame street. This had great characters with humor and learning at the same time from Torrentreactornet.

I just cant utter the same for Teletubbies and the Tweenies just to call a few of these shows. Can you see a child afterward in their mid to late 20s wanting to notice these shows again? I can't. However, when I was watching Kids TV in the late 80s and most of the 90s, there were illustrates back then what you could not remain to come back on another time of torrentreactornet all my children tv show.

French Businesses Site

Nowadays, internet has been giving us many information about anything including assoerted products that we can buy them at online shop. Thus, we shouldn’t search what products we want to buy in traditioanal shop or department store which wasting our time and money. Otherwise, we coud just sit in front of our computer and browse what would we like to buy.

I came across with the site that provide interesting product that you might be interested in, this site is from france which provides vélo électrique ( electric bike ), domiciliation ( the domicile of your company) and chie mihara ( assorted of beautiful shoes )

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