Introducing The Beta Version Of LinkedIn Today

LinkedIn, the largest network of professionals in the world with over 90 million subscribers has launched the beta version of LinkedIn Today, a new product that brings out the headlines and the stories shared by most social network users. LinkedIn Today offers members a personalized and customized way to take advantage of the news of the first floor for a particular sector and content that are shared more often by professionals in each field.

3 different levels of selection of news

LinkedIn Today offers a unique opportunity to benefit from the news in three different ways. Users now have the opportunity to have a framework of professional news and understand what the trend based on what they are reading their contacts, to know what affect the daily news on your area and what topics simultaneously affect different sectors and resources throughout the professional network to LinkedIn. Users will also have the ability to "follow" specific news sources ranging from the Financial Times, Mashable, to view the News shared by source in addition to the field.

LinkedIn has also strengthened its collaboration with Twitter to give users the ability to link accounts for a steady stream of news and updates on LinkedIn, which is shared on Twitter. Today in LinkedIn, users will be able to automatically share the most important news on Twitter and also posted on a LinkedIn Group which will be sent via e-mail directly to their contacts.

In addition, LinkedIn StumbleUpon Today will have content specific to each sector, including new trends and classic content, as recommended by the StumbleUpon community, which has over 14 million members. LinkedIn also offers the Today section Top Sources which are reported in news sources that have integrated the Share button on their websites, such as Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, CNN Money and many others.

Whether traveling or at work, the professionals will have access to the main news from the iPhone directly shared by colleagues, save the articles, post them and share them with their contacts and the networks directly from your iPhone. To download the latest version of the tool, visit the AppStore.

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